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Print a replacement part for your washing machine at home with your 3D printer. Jump in a car anywhere in the city and drop it off wherever you need. Use an app to learn how to write software, make sourdough bread or meditate. Our world is changing and evolving in ways we have never experienced before.

If there ever was one, the age of abundance is over. We must make the best of what we have, leveraging the abundance of the digital world to challenge the scarcity of the analog one. The Internet is where and how we can win this bet. Meet us at State of the Net 2014.

State of the Net is a conference where you decide to go, not a conference where you pass by chance. Come and share three days of long term thoughts about the internet and its impact on our society, together with some of the most acclaimed experts and visionaries from Italy and all over the world.

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Trieste is one of the most beautiful – and unsung, according to Lonely Planet – cities in the world. A Central European city, where you will breathe a multicultural atmosphere, which will charm you with historic cafés, art, heterogeneous architecture and enchanting sea. Why don't you take the chance to visit it? Book your trip today »

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Dave Winer at State of the Net 2014 (registration is now open)

Dave Winer, father of modern-day content distribution, is our first speaker at SotN14. The main theme for this year conference will be Smart Life. And we’re opening the – free, but required – registration to the conference

AREA Science Park partners with SOTN 2014

As part of the conference, the Trieste science park organizes a match-making event with ICT researchers and entrepreneurs Trieste, 26 February – The State of the Net international conference and Trieste’s AREA Science Park signed a partnership for the 2014 conference that will be held in Trieste from 12 to 14 June. State of the […]

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