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SEA NET, a SotN workshop in Gorizia

magazinBesides its annual conference, State of the Net is organizing Workshops for companies and organizations. Sometimes these meetings are open to the public. This is the case of the workshop we’ll hold wednesday October 23, in Gorizia. It is organized with Social Economy Agency and is dedicated to operators in the cooperative sector.

The program will begin at 10am with a speech by Sergio Maistrello entitled “Internet is simple, but is counterintuitive”. During this presentation we’ll discover how some of the principles of the mass media in fact do not apply to the internet and how, once you understand some basic elements of the dynamics of online communication, it is possible for all citizens to become active in the network.

The second speech, by Paolo Valdemarin, will deal with the issues of innovation and communication within and across organizations, indicating which tools and strategies can be used to improve the efficiency of online communication. It will follow a panel discussion, moderated by Beniamino Pagliaro, that will involved the two speaker and the audience in the hall.

After the lunch break, the program will resume with Michele Vianello, who will explore the issues related to the impact of technology on our cities and on the dimension of citizenship itself. Following, Giorgio Jannis will lead a discussion about the importance of listening, transparency and citizen participation managing public communication online.

The final panel will see Vianello and Jannis dealing with Fabrizio Valencic about the “Happy Village”, in order to draw conclusions and identify concrete actions that will become the main result of the work day.

The meeting will take place at Magazìn-Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno, via San Michele 42 in Gorizia. The working language for this workshop will be italian, a simultaneous translation in slovenian will be provided.

A second workshop will follow on wednesday October 30 at 1pm in the same location, covering more pratical matters and hand-on instruction to build a successful presence on the web.

More datails: official brochure (Pdf), Magazìn website

Thank you for all, Funky Professor

Marco Zamperini (1963-2013)