Mafe De Baggis and Massimo Russo join our steering committee

Good news today! We are thrilled to welcome Mafe De Baggis and Massimo Russo in our steering committee. Both are long-time friends and collegues, already part of the big SotN’s community. Now they have accepted our invitation to join the close-knit group of brilliant minds that helps us in setting the main themes of the conference and developing our projects. Euan Semple, Luca De Biase, Gigi Tagliapietra, Adriana Lukas, Marco Massarotto, Antonella Napolitano and Daniele Chieffi are already part of the band.

Mafe De Baggis has been one of the first advisors in Italy for companies and leaders dealing with the Internet. She is the author of Le tribù di Internet, the first italian book about online communities, and World Wide We. She was on stage at SotN 2008, when she opened and moderated the debate about digital marketing and  the new relationship between companies and customers.

Massimo Russo is the editor in chief of Wired Italy, after a long career as digital content director, online journalist and reporter at L’Espresso and La Repubblica. Together with Vittorio Zambardino, Massimo wrote Eretici digitali, a manifesto and a book on journalism in the digital age.

The steering committee will meet in the next few weeks in Trieste. As previously announced, State of the Net 2014 will be held on June 12-14. The main theme  for this year’s conference is smartness: how to be smart, this time for real. Stay tuned for updates!

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