Consequences London, #sotn18 special preview on May 25th

Come and join us in London on Friday the 25th of May for a very special State of the Net preview event with panellists including author and business strategist Euan Semple.

Produced in cooperation with T/F/D and Activate Capital, the London preview will focus on the why and how of tools and methodologies that could help in dealing with complexity while running a business. From global markets to countless communication channels, from increased competition to high levels of specialisation and even volatile political environments, trying to understand the consequences of every action has become almost impossible.

Practices like design thinking, agile solutions, command and control, employee engagement may help. However, approaching and introducing these tools is not an easy task. The biggest challenges are invariably linked with culture and behaviour and too often we find technology spend is not backed up by enough time spent on the why and how of change. The panel will discuss what we should and shouldn’t expect from these tools, as well as the best ways to help businesses make the right decisions.

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