Quotes about State of the Net

Daniele Bernardi interviewed

«At State of the Net you can find a place for true and cosmopolitan debate, which commits and rewards participants. If it was possible to analyze the mood of this audience, it would probably be without fear or fiction, focused on the pleasure to learn and build»
Luca De Biase, innovation editor at Il Sole 24 Ore

«State of the Net is a conference about the internet a bit different from what we used to follow in Italy»
Massimo Mantellini, blogger

«State of the Net has given the perception or the belief to have been finally enriched, to have learned, or at least to have been forced to think, to reflect»
Daniele Chieffi, online media relations specialist

«State of the Net 2013 had been the only italian event up to the original TED!»
Marco Zamperini, chief innovation officer di NTT Data Europe 

«State of the Net 2012 was the best web-related event seen this year, or these years»
Marco Massarotto, founder and Ceo Hagakure

«State of the Net alternates, according to a clear line of reasoning, keynote speeches and conversations as much informal as in-depth. An international event»
Carlo Felice Dalla Pasqua, journalist at Il Gazzettino

«State of the Net is the conference in Italy that lays the groundwork for reasoning about problems and solutions related to the internet that will affect insiders for at least the next two years»
Michael F. Forni, Linking Business

«In a time of great crisis like the one we are experiencing, we need initiatives such as State of the Net, that light up lamps of intelligence and creativity»
Roberto Cosolini, mayor of Trieste

«State of the Net is an excellence of Friuli Venezia Giulia and it is a source of pride for the city of Trieste. It is an event that goes in the right direction: it raises consciousness in an incredible time in the history of the planet, where communications are moving in a liquid and magmatic way»
Alessandro Gaetano, director of marketing at Turismo FVG

«There are few things in Italy as beautiful as State of the Net»
Alessio Jacona, freelance journalist