Trieste, June 14-15 • #sotn18 • consequences

We are happy to announce that State of the Net will be held again in 2018 in Trieste, on June 14th and 15th.

The keyword for our keynotes and conversations this year will be consequences.

Some of the tracks that we plan to cover this year are around these topics:

Consequences on society: how things are usually more complex than they seem (think about these days news about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica), how everything will move forward regardless, how citizens and organisations need to be aware of the consequences of their choices.

Consequences on infrastructure: from transportation to logistics to healthcare to data management, along with new and exciting capabilities, technology is introducing a number of new challenges.

Consequences on business: starting, growing and running businesses is becoming increasingly more demanding, companies are using new tools not only to design their products, but to design their own future businesses.

Consequences on culture: a mainstream media diet is changing the way we approach and consume books, movies, TV and news, often with unforeseen consequences.

You can register free now, we look forward to seeing you in Trieste next June.


SotN16, the numbers from Pew Research and SWG

Here are the slides from the Numbers segment of State of the Net 2016, provided by Pew Research Institute and SWG – presented during the conference in Trieste.



The State of the Net in numbers – SotN + Pew Research Institute



Integration between Surveys and Big Data Analysis on Public Opinion – Giulio Vidotto Fonda, SWG

Live streaming SotN16 on Facebook

We are streaming the event live on our Facebook page.


The exciting lineup for State of the Net 2016

We are looking forward to welcoming you to State of the Net 2016 on Friday and Saturday at the Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste. Here is some useful information about the conference program and the location.

Schedule and speakers list are now complete: please check back the timetable in the next days, since there could still be some minor changes.

On Friday at 3pm we will host a special preview of the conference with the participation of local institutions: the president of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia Debora Serracchiani and the president of Insiel Simone Puksic will be among the speakers. This part of the conference will be held in italian.

At 6:30pm we will introduce the international program of the conference with a keynote from Luca De Biasedriving us into this year’s theme (Facts.).

Saturday‘s program will begin at 9:30am. It’ll be an exciting day filled with keynotes and conversationsPlease note that English will be the working language. The morning session will continue until 1pm, while the afternoon session will go on from 3pmto 5:30pm. You will be able to enjoy complimentary Illy coffee during conference breaks.

Registration on both days will begin 1 hour before the event: your personalized badge is waiting for you at our reception desk (don’t worry: you can register on site if you decide to come at the last minute).

How to get there: Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace is placed on the seafront of Riva Mandracchio, in the historic city center of Trieste, only a few steps next to the magnificent Piazza Unità.

  • If you come by plane, Trieste airport is about 40 km far from the city center, but you’ll find public transportations or taxis to get in town.
  • If you come by train, it’s just a 15 minutes walk from Trieste Centrale station (or you could take bus number 8 or 10, stopping right in front of the hotel).
  • If you come by car, you’d better leave your car at SilosMolo 4 or San Giusto parks (please note that on Saturday all street level parking lots in the area will be forbidden for cruise embarkment).

Remember to use #sotn16 hashtag on your social channels. Keynotes and sessions will be also streamed live on our Facebook page.

State of the Net 2016 is a free event, thanks to the support of our partners: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (coorganizer), InsielPromoTurismoFvgAssicurazioni GeneraliUniCreditAutovie VeneteFondazione CRTriesteilly and Trieste Port AuthorityNewsweek and Il Piccolo are the media partner.

See you in Trieste!

Glaser, Quattrociocchi, Semple to speak at #SotN16 in Trieste

It’s only two weeks before State of the Net 2016, time to plan your trip to Trieste on the 28th and 29thof October. We recommend you register today to make sure to find your personalised badge waiting for you at the conference (you don’t want to miss it, it’s a collectible! ;)

We have a brand new location: State of the Net 2016 will be held in the beautiful Tergeste space at Savoia Excelsior Palace, on the seafront of Riva Mandracchio in the historic city center. The Gulf of Trieste will be even more fascinating.

Today we’re also glad to introduce some of the outstanding speakers that will light up our panels and keynotes. Many others will come shortly.

  • Eliane Glaser is a writer, a BBC radio producer, a contributor for The Guardian and the New Statesman, an academic researcher at University of London and Bath Spa University. Her latest book Get Real was about how political and financial elites legitimise themselves by co-opting authenticity, people-power, and progressive ideals. Eliane is now writing a new book about the apparent death of politics, and how it can be revived.
  • Walter Quattrociocchi is coordinator of the CSSLab at the School for Advanced Studies in Lucca. His research is focused on the information diffusion in online social network platforms and their relation with the opinion evolution.
  • Euan Semple is the acclaimed author of Organisations don’t tweet, People do. Long time friend of State of the Net, senior consultant for major organisations around the world, at SotN16 Euan will focus on how we tend to stretch our personal truth through our online social filters.
As soon as possibile we will share a complete schedule of the conference on our website. We will start on Friday, October the 28th at 3pmhosting preview with the participation of local institutions of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The international program of State of the Net 2016 will begin at 6pmwith a special overture around this year’s theme. OSaturday the 29th we will have the main event., from 9:30am till 6pm.State of the Net 2016 is a free event, thanks to the support of our great partners: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (co-organizer), InsielPromoTurismoFvgAssicurazioni GeneraliUniCreditAutovie VeneteFondazione CRTriesteillyTrieste Port Authority and Newsweek as media partner.

Please register now to State of the Net 2016, spread the word with your friends and collegues and remember to use the hashtag #sotn16!

State of the Net 2016 to be held in Trieste on October 28th-29th

Today we’re glad to announce that State of the Net 2016 will be held in Trieste (Italy) on the 28th and 29th of October. You can register and book your seat today.

We are happy to be back in Trieste and in Friuli Venezia Giulia, after the 2015 conference in Milan!

On Friday, October the 28th we will host a preview with the participation of local institutions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, while on Saturday the 29th we will have the international main event. We will update you about the program, the speakers and all the other details in the next few days.

Facts.” will be the main theme of State of the Net 2016.

While the open internet allows for the best fact checking ever available, many are trapped in echo chambers where lies keep bouncing around until they sound like truth and resonate with their beliefs. The press is under pressure and sometimes willing to trade quality and analysis for attention. All this is affecting how we decide, vote, participate in public life.

And while people struggle with facts, machines are becoming very good at processing reality and finding new meanings: from storing “truth” in the blockchain to develop artificial intelligence able to interpret and predict our world and drive around town.

State of the Net 2016 will still be a free event, thanks to the support of our great partners: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (co-organizer), Insiel, PromoTurismoFvg, Autovie Venete, Fondazione CRTrieste, Trieste Port Authority and many others that we’ll be announcing soon.

Please register now to State of the Net 2016 and remember to use the hashtag #sotn16!

Waiting for you in Milano at SotN15


We are looking forward to welcoming you all to State of the Net 2015 on Sunday and Monday at the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan. Here is some useful information about the conference program and the location.

Take a look to the schedule and the speakers list, they are now update and complete.

On Sunday at 6pm we will meet our speakers during an open and informal session, previewing the topics of the next day conference. We hope you will be able to join us and be part of the conversation from the very beginning. At 8pm you are invited for a toast at Illy Caffè in piazza Gae Aulenti, right outside the UniCredit Pavilion.

Monday‘s program will begin at 9:30am. It’ll be an exciting day filled with keynotes and conversations. The morning session will continue until 1pm, while the afternoon session will go on from 2:30pm to 6pm. You will be able to enjoy complimentary Illy coffee during conference breaks.

Please note that English will be the working language on both days and that we won’t be providing any translation service.

Registration on both days will begin 1 hour before the event: your personalized badge is waiting for you at the reception of the Pavilion (don’t worry: you can register on site if you decide to come at the last minute).

How to get there: UniCredit Pavilion is very close to Porta Garibaldi train station and subway stations Garibaldi (on the M2 line) and Isola (M5). If you use public transport, you can plan your route usingGiroMilano. If you come by car, Parkopedia may help you in finding a garage or a parking lot.

Remember to use #sotn15 hashtag on your social channels. Keynotes and sessions will be also streamed live on the conference website and on our YouTube channel.

Few days to go, last chances to register

We’re almost there! We can’t wait to meet all you at State of the Net 2015 in Milan.

This is your last opportunity to register at the conference and receive your personalized badge (don’t laugh: did you know that there’s people collecting them?). Advance registration will close on September 27th at midnight. So, if you haven’t already register now!

Once more at SotN we are right on topic! Just look at the news: everybody is talking about algorithms. For example Volkswagen’s little naughty piece of code that reduces emissions while a car is undergoing official tests.

We’re constantly updating the speakers list and the schedule, and more speakers will be added in the coming days). Here’s some of the speakers who will join us in Milano this year:

  • Postshift’s founder Lee Bryant will speak about organisations in the age of algorithms.
  • Il Sole 24 Ore’s journalist Vittorio Carlini will reveal the secrets of algo-finance.
  • Innovation journalist Luca De Biase will trace the history of the symbiosis between humans and algorithms.
  • Euan Semple, consultant for major organisations, will host a discussion on the future of work: are machines really making workers obsolete?

Keep spreading the news on social media! Always use the #sotn15.

Here are the first three speakers of State of the Net 2015

One month to go! Are you ready for State of the Net 2015 in Milan? Today we’re happy to unveil the first three of the outstanding group of speakers you will meet at the UniCredit Pavilion next October 5th.

Lee Rainie David Orban Vinay Gupta

  • Lee Rainie, director of Internet, Science and Technology Research at Pew Research Center, will join us from Washington to share his latest researches on global digital adoption and forecasts about the future of the Internet.
  • David Orban, versatile entrepreneur and innovator who lives between New York, London and Milan, will speak about artificial intelligence and technological singularity, the themes of his forthcoming book Something New: AIs and us.
  • Vinay Gupta – first generation cypherpunk, open hardware innovator and global resilience guru – will introduce us to the Ethereum blockchain platform that runs smart contracts without possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Stay tuned, since we’ll have many other speakers and news to announce in a few days.

A quick recap on logistics: State of the Net 2015 will be held in Milan on the 4th and 5th of October. Our partner UniCredit will be hosting us in the brand new Unicredit Pavilion in Piazza Gae Aulenti (Milano Porta Nuova). The main theme of the conference will be “algorithms”. On Sunday the 4th of October there will be a special evening preview starting at 6pm (registration will open at 5pm). On Monday the 5th we’ll have all the keynotes and sessions (9.30am-18pm).

So, if you haven’t already, register now to State of the Net 2015 and remember to tell your friends using the hashtag #sotn15!


Manca appena un mese! Sei pronto per l’edizione 2015 di State of the Net a Milano? Oggi siamo felici di poter anticipare i primi tre fantastici speaker che potrai incontrare all’UniCredit Pavilion il 5 ottobre:

  • Lee Rainie, direttore del settore internet, scienza e tecnologia del Pew Research Center, ci raggiungerà da Washington per condividere le più recenti ricerche del prestigioso istituto americano riguardanti l’adozione delle tecnologie digitali a livello globale e le previsioni sugli sviluppi futuri di internet.
  • David Orban, eclettico imprenditore e innovatore che vive tra New York, Londra e Milano, will speak di intelligenza artificiale e singolarità tecnologica, i temi del suo imminente nuovo libro Something New: AIs and us.
  • Vinay Gupta – cypherpunk di prima generazione, innovatore nel campo dell’open hardware e guru della resilienza globale – ci presenterà la piattaforma distribuita Ethereum, per la creazione di contratti intelligenti, senza possibilità di disservizi, censura, truffa o interferenze di terze parti.

E non è tutto: nei prossimi giorni abbiamo ancora molti altri speaker e molte novità da presentarvi.

Un riassunto delle informazioni essenziali fin qui: State of the Net 2015 quest’anno si terrà a Milano il 4 e 5 ottobre. Il nostro partner UniCredit ci ospiterà nel nuovissimo Unicredit Pavilion in piazza Gae Aulenti (Milano Porta Nuova). Il tema guida di questa edizione saranno gli algoritmi. Domenica 4 ottobre ci sarà un’anteprima speciale con inizio alle 18. Lunedì 5 si terranno i keynote e le sessioni tradizionali della conferenza (dalle 9.30 alle 18).

Se non l’hai ancora fatto, registrati subito a State of the Net 2015 e non dimenticare di raccontarlo ai tuoi amici usando l’hashtag #sotn15!

State of the Net 2015 to be held in Milan, October 4th-5th

We are happy to announce that State of the Net 2015 will be held in Milan on the 4th and 5th of October. Just for this time we will not organise our conference in Trieste: this October we will be offering a very special edition in Milan, the city which is attracting the world’s attention with Expo 2015. There are a lot of great news that we are looking forward to tell you about this year’s program: make sure to register now and stay up to date.

The location of State of the Net 2015 is going to be amazing! Our partner UniCredit will be hosting us in the brand new (it’s still under construction) UniCredit Pavilion, a multipurpose events centre in Milano Porta Nuova, right next to city’s new landmark: the UniCredit Tower in Gae Aulenti Square.

All about algorithms

Algorithms will be the main theme of the State of the Net 2015. We will try to discover who is deciding what is the first link that we see in the results of a search engine. What defines the which of our friend’s post we see on our Facebook page? Why do we see those ads on our favourite web sites? Who is controlling the thousands of financial transactions that happen every second on the stock exchange? How can a currency be used by millions of people without being issued by any country’s central bank?

The design of software that react to information increases the potential to serve the people in any industry, encouraging the emergence of new products. At the same time, it is growing worldwide the demand for transparency about the way algorithms influence us every day in what we learn, choose and buy. From deep machine learning to the development of software that will drive our cars, algorithms are a central issue in understanding the evolution of networks, companies and our society. As usual we will discuss these topics with a group of international speakers (stay tuned for the speakers’ list!).

Sunday preview, Monday conference

Keeping with the tradition, in 2015 State of the Net will still be free of charge. This is because we can count on the support of great partners: we look forward to introduce each one of them in the next weeks. We will be changing a little our format: on Sunday the 4th of October you are incited to a very special evening preview and on Monday the 5th we’ll have all the keynotes and sessions.

Register now to State of the Net 2015 and remember to tell your friends using the hashtag #sotn15!

State of the Net is the international conference which tries to capture the state of the art of the internet in Italy and in the world. It was founded in 2008 by Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin and Sergio Maistrello. It is considered a key meeting for the italian industry and the tech community, as it investigates dynamics and opportunities in the current digital scenario. Coming to its fifth edition, the event was held so far in Udine (2008) and Trieste (2012, 2013, 2014). Grown over the years in quality and in international impact, since 2014 the conference is held entirely in english. Last year’s edition was attended by over 1,000 participants, while another 2,500 unique users have followed the conference via live streaming.


Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che State of the Net 2015 si terrà a Milano il 4 e 5 ottobre. Lasciamo eccezionalmente Trieste e il Friuli Venezia Giulia, per un’edizione speciale nella città che con Expo 2015 sta richiamando in Italia l’attenzione del mondo. Non vediamo l’ora di raccontarvi tutte le novità che ci aspettano: registrati fin d’ora per garantirti la possibilità di esserci e per non perdere gli aggiornamenti in arrivo nelle prossime settimane.

Saremo ospiti in una sede straordinaria: grazie alla rinnovata partnership con UniCredit, State of the Net 2015 si terrà nel nuovissimo UniCredit Pavilion, il centro eventi polifunzionale che sta sorgendo accanto alla sede dell’istituto finanziario in piazza Gae Aulenti a Porta Nuova. Saremo nel cuore pulsante della Milano che si rinnova e che guarda al futuro con coraggio e con stile.

Il tema: l’algoritmo

L’algoritmo sarà il tema guida dell’edizione 2015 di State of the Net. Chi decide qual è il primo link che vediamo nei risultati di un motore di ricerca? In base a cosa vengono selezionati i contenuti della nostra pagina Facebook? Perché vediamo un certo annuncio pubblicitario su internet? Come fanno certi agenti di borsa a effettuare migliaia di transazioni finanziare al secondo? Può esistere una moneta usata da milioni di persone nel mondo senza che esista una banca centrale che ne garantisca il valore?

Il disegno di software che reagiscono alle informazioni aumenta le potenzialità di migliorare i servizi per le persone in qualsiasi industria, oltre a favorire la nascita di nuovi prodotti. Nello stesso tempo, sta crescendo in tutto il mondo la richiesta di trasparenza rispetto al modo in cui gli algoritmi ci aiutano ogni giorno a conoscere, scegliere e comprare. Dal deep learning dei computer allo sviluppo dei software che guideranno le nostre automobili, l’algoritmo è centrale per capire l’evoluzione della rete e della società. Ne parleremo, come di consueto, insieme ai più interessanti speaker internazionali, che annunceremo nelle prossime settimane.

Domenica l’anteprima, lunedì la conferenza

Anche nel 2015 State of the Net sarà un evento a ingresso gratuito, grazie al sostegno dei partner che anche quest’anno hanno creduto nel nostro progetto e che non vediamo l’ora di presentarvi. Domenica 4 ottobre vi aspettiamo a Milano per un’anteprima serale molto speciale, di cui presto potremo raccontarvi ogni dettaglio. Lunedì 5 ottobre, invece, daremo spazio agli approfondimenti e ai confronti, e anche in questo caso avremo diverse novità da proporvi.

Registrati subito a State of the Net 2015 per conoscere in anteprima tutti gli aggiornamenti e passaparola (ricordandoti di usare l’hashtag #sotn15)!

State of the Net è la conferenza internazionale dedicata allo stato dell’arte di internet. È stata fondata nel 2008 da Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin e Sergio Maistrello. È considerata una delle occasioni chiave in Italia per comprendere l’impatto della rete sulla società e sull’economia, e per immaginare i percorsi futuri. Giunta nel 2015 alla quinta edizione, si è tenuta finora a Udine (2008) e a Trieste (2012, 2013, 2014). Cresciuta negli anni in qualità e in dimensione internazionale, dal 2014 la conferenza si tiene completamente in lingua inglese. All’ultima edizione hanno preso parte oltre 1.000 partecipanti, mentre altri 2.500 utenti unici hanno seguito la conferenza attraverso il live streaming.