Welcome to State of the Net 2014

Here we are, welcome to State of the Net 2014!

Today we start with a special preview: AREA Science Park will be presenting ICT4inclusion, a brokerage event hosting matchmaking meetings as highly focused form of B2B networking [please note that only companies already registered with ICT4inclusion may attend the meetings].

Friday and Saturday the official program of the conference will take place, along with the newly introduced SotN Square. Please check the schedule for last minute updates.

Find below just a few quick notes to help you plan your visit to State of the Net and Trieste.

Official registration on our web site is closed. But don’t worry, starting on Friday morning you will be able to register at the conference location. Our address is:

Molo 4
piazza Duca degli Abruzzi
Trieste [Link to map]

The location is just a five minutes walk from the train station and there is a large parking right next to the venue (how to get there).

SotN Happy Hour 
Fiday night, after the official program, you will have the unique opportunity to meet some of the State of the Net speakers and guests at our very special happy hour! Catch up the speakers that you liked most and get the best out of your conference experience (buying them a dring might help ;). We’ll wait for you at:

  • Roma4, via Roma 4
  • Salumare, via Cavana 13
  • Enoteca Nanut, via Genova 10/e
  • 040, Via Rossini 8

Girl Geek Dinner Nordest
On Friday night you can join the dinner dedicated to women passionate about technology, the internet and social media. For more information and to sign up for the event visit Girl Geek Dinner Nordest #9.

The hashtag this year is #sotn14 (please note, NOT #sotn2014 nor #sotn). Please use it with every content you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will help us collect your feedback in real time.

Do you want to come to SotN but don’t want to leave the kids at home? Come anyway, bring the kids: they will have even more fun than you will! Thanks to Laby coworking&life, State of the Net offers a free care service for children from 3 to 10 years old during both conference days. You can learn more about the activities and book in advance on the conference website.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Trieste in a few hours, but if you really can’t make it you will still be able to follow all the keynotes and the panels thanks our live streaming from our web site.

Bring the kids to SotN14, we’ll take care of them!

laby-210Come to SotN14 with the kids, we’ll take care of them. Thanks to Laby coworking&life, State of the Net offers a free child care service during both conference days on friday June 13th and saturday June 14th. Don’t miss the opportunity to share a weekend in Trieste with your family.

Who: children from 3 to 10 years old (max 20 kids at a time)

When: June 13th and 14th, during the conference (max 4 hours in a row, please note that no meals or snacks will be given)

Where: in a guarded and dedicated space next to the plenary room at Molo 4

What: entertainment and games with professional educators (special contents: Internet with Dina, tricks and games to learn safe Internet use; Memomu, interactive music game)

Cost: the cokids service is free, offered to you by Laby coworking&life and State of the Net

Registration: to be sure to benefit from the cokids service, please consider to book in advance.

If you need more specific information, don’t hesitate to ask Chiara Gily (chiara@laby.trieste.it).

Announcing new speakers at #SotN14

Are you ready for State of the Net 2014? We are looking forward to seeing you in Trieste on June 13-14. Here’s a few updates about the program and our speakers.

Smart. As you know, the main theme of this year’s conference will be Smart Life. If you’re still wondering what smart really means, than you can’t miss Luca De Biase‘s speech dealing with the opportunity to leverage the abundance of the digital world to challenge the scarcity of the analog one.

Open for real. Our keynote speaker Dave Winer will address the conference the need for an open and thriving internet world, overcoming the hegemony of the tech companies. Together with Euan Semple and other “protobloggers”, Dave will also lead a conversation about why blogging still matters in 2014.

Big data and privacy. Anne Wright will join us in Trieste too. Anne is an brilliant engineer (she worked on the prototype Mars Rover at NASA!). Today, as a researcher for Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Anne has become one of the world’s top specialist on health empowerment through open source technology development and the aggregation of self tracking data. Roger Taylor , former correspondent for the Financial Times, is now an advisor for healthcare organizations, will also speak about the benefits of information for the individual. Anne and Roger will then join Adriana Lukas and Elvira Berlingieri for a conversation about the smart trade offs between personal data, aggregated data and privacy.

Learning smarter. Knowledge is a perfect example of human abilities redefined by digital tools. Liddy Nevile, professor at La Trobe University in Melburne, will share her experience about the use of computers and programming skills in education since the 1970s. Cefriel’s Ceo Alfonso Fuggetta will enrich the analysis with stories from smart learning occurrence in the business context. Gigi Tagliapietra will then run a panel further discussing knowledge and learning in the enterprise world.

Reshaping industries. The editor-in-chief of Wired Italia Massimo Russo will host a conversation about industries that are reshaping their business through smart innovation. Maurizio Costabeber, the entrapreneur who brought precision 3D printing in the jewelery and digital dentistry industries, and Andrea Raimondi, a reasearcher at the University of Nottingham who is hacking through the open data the way Venice deals with high tides, will also be part of the panel.

Open politics. Anna Masera, new head of the press office of the Camera dei Deputati, the Lower House of the Italian Parliament, will be our star in a fireside chat with the SotN gang about the innovations she’s putting through in her office, opening to the engagement of citizens and civic hacker through social media and open data.

Numbers. We will open the conference with our traditional section numbers. Journalist and author Carola Frediani will lead us under the surface of the biggest and most unknown part of the Net, the Dark Web.

Managing uncertainty. This year State of the Net will host a special prologue on thursday June 12th, ICT4inclusion. This is a brokerage event set up by Area Science Park, which will bring in Trieste dozens of entrepreneurs, specialists and researchers within the ICT world. Dave Snowden will be back in Trieste and will keynote this event, addressing the audience on managing under conditions of uncertainty, learning lessons from the natural sciences.

And counting… Stay tuned for updates, we still have a lot of speakers, topics and news to introduce to you in the very next few days. Register now, if you haven’t already: it’s free. And once you’ve registered, let it know to your friends on Twitter and Facebook: use the hashtag #sotn14.

Dave Winer at State of the Net 2014 (registration is now open)

140conf LA - Dave Winer
(Photo: CC Chapman, Flickr)

Dave Winer, the father of modern-day content distribution, will be speaking at State of the Net 2014 next June 12-14 in Trieste. American software developer and entrepreneur, Dave is a pioneer of the development of weblogs, Rss syndication, podcasting, outlining, content management systems and web services. Acclaimed by the New York Times as «the protoblogger», he wrote the fist blogging software and in 1997 bootstrapped the blogging revolution with his Scripting News. He founded the software companies Living Videotext, Userland Software and Small Pictures. Prolific writer, former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School and New York University, he is considered one of most influential voices in the web industry in the United States.

Winer is just the first of a long list of SotN’ speakers that we’re looking forward to introducing to you in the next weeks. Come and join us this June at Molo 4, our beautiful location on the city shores of Trieste.

Smart Life

Our main theme this year will be Smart Life. Some think that if there ever was one, the age of abundance is over. We must make the best of what we have, leveraging the abundance of the digital world to challenge the scarcity of the analog one. The Internet is where and how we can win this bet. Our world is changing and evolving in ways we have never experienced before. You can print a replacement part for your washing machine at home with your 3D printer. You can jump in a car anywhere in the city and drop it off wherever you need. You can use an app to learn how to write software, make sourdough bread or meditate. Come and share your experiences at State of the Net.

Register today

And yes:  the – free, but still required – registration to State of the Net 2014 is now open (and we use Eventbrite, this year). Spread the word to your friends and colleagues and plan today your late spring long weekend in Trieste.

It will be the best SotN show you’ve ever seen.

Announcing State of the Net 2014

We have almost reached the end of the year and we are very happy to give you some updates about State of the Net.

2013 has been a challenging and great year for us. Quite complex, in fact, but after all complexity has been our main theme this year. We are incredibly proud of the success of the conference we held in June in Trieste, with so many friends and such inspiring talks and thoughts. We are also quite happy with the start up of our new workshops activity, with which we bring ideas and inspirations from the conference right inside companies to help them better understanding the web and social media.

But it has also been a sad year: on October 13 we lost a true friend, Marco Zamperini, since the very beginning a member of our steering committee, a prestigious speaker at the conference and a huge supporter of our project. Marco’s legacy will inspire us, will help us to change things, to push forward even harder. Yet we don’t think that we will ever stop missing him.

Today we are happy and proud to announce that State of the Net 2014 will be held again in our beautiful Trieste on June 12-14. As you can see, we added a day to our traditional two-days format: June 12th will offer an intriguing preview, at which we are already working with some new partners. Stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks.

2014 will be the “Smart” Year. We are working on the conference programme: it is still too soon to unveil our ideas, but we can tell you that our current working title is “How to be Smart. For Real”. We all hear too often about smart cities, smart communities, our inseparable smart phones, smart moving, smart politics, smart food. We want to extend this concept to the whole society, while facing the biggest and scariest transformation since industrialization: there must be a different way of thinking, of doing things, more efficient, quicker. The sooner we get this, the better we will be.

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new website now fully in english. While we will always build our projects on our strong italian roots, we do want State of the Net to become a truly international event, we believe that this can be relevant, especially for our country, especially today.

In keeping up with traditions, State of the Net will still be a free admission conference. This means we rely on our partners to bring you the best speakers, a great location, a brilliant organizing team. Registration will open soon. If you are interested in joining State of the Net as a partner, please do contact us and become part of the best event on the internet in Italy.

We wish you a very Smart 2014!

Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin, Sergio Maistrello