Alessandra Farabegoli


Freelance Consultant and Trainer

Alessandra teaches to organizations, companies and individuals how to use the network to provide a better service, earn more money and work better. Her path however has been not entirely conventional: she graduated in biology, learning how to read the world in its many levels of organization and interaction; then she worked in the IT, explaining the benefits of computers to non-technician and the needs of non-technicians to computer scientists. This art of translation has been training her to consider any problem from many points of view. In early 2000s she directed a web agency. In 2012 she created with Gianluca Diegoli the training project Digital Update.

Alessandra is the author of Sopravvivere alle informazioni su Internet, Email marketing con Mailchimp and Email marketing in pratica. Her ebook gathering post from her blog, Manuale di buon senso in rete, is downloaded every year by thousands of reader.