Euan Semple


Euan is an early adopter of digital technologies and an innovator who has worked with major organisations like the BBC, Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO. He believes that companies that are succeeding in the marketplace today are those that are beginning to initiate a dialogue with customers and staff to improve their operations and processes. He has helped organisations, and more importantly the people in them, to get their heads around social media, social business, and the social web both inside and outside the firewall. In his book Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do, Euan identifies that there are remarkable opportunities to mine the intellects of senior managers, backroom operators, frontline staff and customers to create a more responsive business model and that those leaders and managers that stay connected to their community at work and with their customers have the best chance to survive and flourish in this new Age of Disruption.

Euan is member of the State of the Net’ steering committee.

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