State of the Net 2018, Trieste

State of the Net 2018

Trieste (Molo IV), October 28-29

Technology is changing the way we live and work in ways we would have never thought possibile. We are dealing with this increasing complexity and we need to better understand the consequences. Consequences on society, on infrastructures, on business, on culture.  Consequences was the main theme of State of the Net 2018.

1 day of conference plus 1 special preview with Italian institutions and partners the day before plus 1 special preview in London, 30 international speakers, 1.500+ attendees, 3.000+ people connected via web streaming, 1.000+ tweets, trending topic in Italy, 50+ media output. Hossein Derkhshan, Dave Winer, Dave Snowden, Roy Perticucci, Dorothea Wiesmann, Luigi Zingales, Luca De Biase were there.

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