Announcing State of the Net 2014

We have almost reached the end of the year and we are very happy to give you some updates about State of the Net.

2013 has been a challenging and great year for us. Quite complex, in fact, but after all complexity has been our main theme this year. We are incredibly proud of the success of the conference we held in June in Trieste, with so many friends and such inspiring talks and thoughts. We are also quite happy with the start up of our new workshops activity, with which we bring ideas and inspirations from the conference right inside companies to help them better understanding the web and social media.

But it has also been a sad year: on October 13 we lost a true friend, Marco Zamperini, since the very beginning a member of our steering committee, a prestigious speaker at the conference and a huge supporter of our project. Marco’s legacy will inspire us, will help us to change things, to push forward even harder. Yet we don’t think that we will ever stop missing him.

Today we are happy and proud to announce that State of the Net 2014 will be held again in our beautiful Trieste on June 12-14. As you can see, we added a day to our traditional two-days format: June 12th will offer an intriguing preview, at which we are already working with some new partners. Stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks.

2014 will be the “Smart” Year. We are working on the conference programme: it is still too soon to unveil our ideas, but we can tell you that our current working title is “How to be Smart. For Real”. We all hear too often about smart cities, smart communities, our inseparable smart phones, smart moving, smart politics, smart food. We want to extend this concept to the whole society, while facing the biggest and scariest transformation since industrialization: there must be a different way of thinking, of doing things, more efficient, quicker. The sooner we get this, the better we will be.

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new website now fully in english. While we will always build our projects on our strong italian roots, we do want State of the Net to become a truly international event, we believe that this can be relevant, especially for our country, especially today.

In keeping up with traditions, State of the Net will still be a free admission conference. This means we rely on our partners to bring you the best speakers, a great location, a brilliant organizing team. Registration will open soon. If you are interested in joining State of the Net as a partner, please do contact us and become part of the best event on the internet in Italy.

We wish you a very Smart 2014!

Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin, Sergio Maistrello

Thank you for all, Funky Professor

Marco Zamperini (1963-2013)